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For more information about getting your trophy mounted please call:
(920) 925-3382 or Cell (920) 342-0517

Mammals can be mounted in a large variety of poses.
They can hang on the wall attached to driftwood or an artificial rock,
or can be mounted on a base to sit on a table, shelf or the floor.
Rugs are also a popular option for mammals.
There are many colors of felt available for your rug.
These images show some of the different options. (Click any image to view it larger)

fox Lifesize Deer fox ledge
Red Fox with Pheasant Stump Base
Whitetail Lifesize on Custom Base
Red Fox on Wall Ledge Rock
bears bear bear
Bears Lifesize Custom Bases Bear Lifesize Bear Lifesize
bear bears close up bears
Bear 3/4 ggressive Bear Close-up Bear Lifesize Custom Stump Base
bear mount bear mount bear mount
Bear 3/4 Rock Base Bear 3/4 Rock Base Bear closeup
bear mount bear mount  
Bear 3/4 Rock Base Bear 3/4 Rock Base  
Fox rug1
Whitetail 3/4 Lifesize
Bear Lifesize
Fox Rug
rug rug 2 rug
Bear Rug Bear Rug Close-up Bear Rug Gray Felt
rug rug 2 lifesize bear mount
Bear Rug Bear Rug Close-up Bear with Bee Hive Custom Base
racoon fox otter
Blonde Racoon on Rock Ledge Grey Fox Rock Ledge Otter on Driftwood Base
racoon racoon ringtail cat
Racoon on Limb Racoon in Knothole Ringtail Cat Custom Base
Fawn Fawn beaver
Whitetail Fawn Fawn Mount - Outside Photo Beaver Custom Base
fox fox fox
Red Fox on Large Ledge Rock Red Fox on Small Ledge Rock Red Fox Pup & Pheasant Custom Base
deer bear bear
White Deer on Custom Base Bear 3/4 Mount Bear Cub
otter coon Bobcat
Otter on Large Ledge Rock Racoon in Knothole Bobcat on Ledge Rock
Fawn Grey Fox bear
Whitetail Fawn Gray Fox on Wall Rock Bear 3/4 Mount Open Mouth
bear bear bear
Bear 3/4 Mount Open Mouth Bear 3/4 Mount on Branch Bear Rug Brown Felt
bear bear bear
Bear Rug Brown Felt Close Up Tanned Skins Fox Walking Down Branch
bear bear bear
Coyote Custom Snow Scene Racoon on Ledge Rock White Deer on Custom Base
bear bear bear
Jumping Deer on Custom Base Bear Half Mount Closed Mouth Bear Shoulder Mount Closed Mouth
bear upright mount bear mount bear mount restoration work
Bear 3/4 Upright Bear Tall Furniture Base Bear Mount Restoration
fox pup weasel beaver
Fox Pup Paw Up Weasel on Driftwood Beaver Custom Base
Rat Rat fawn
Muskrat on Wall base Muskrat closeup Whitetail Fawn Mount
mink rug bobcat
Otter on Wall Ledge Rock Red Fox in Custom Log Base Bobcat on Wall Rock
mink rug bobcat
Mink on Wall Rock Mink no base White Opposum on Driftwood
coyote weasel racoon rug
Coyote Rug Coyote Rug Racoon Rug
wolf mount two headed piglet two headed piglet
Wolf on Wall Rock Base Two Headed Piglet (freeze dried) Two Headed Piglet (freeze dried)
Otter Chasing Trout