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For more information about getting your fish mounted at Tietz Taxidermy please call:
(920) 925-3382 or Cell (920) 342-0517

Fish can be mounted in a variety of poses. Tail up or down, out or back or s-curve (northern and musky only).
They can hang on the wall attached to driftwood or a hardwood panel,
or can be a freestanding mount on a base that can sit on a table, shelf or mantle.
Small bait fish and weeds can be added to complete the scene.
Stringer mounts are also another option that you can keep adding to as you catch more trophies.
I can also create fish reproductions in a wide variety of species and sizes.
These images show some different options. (Click any image to view it larger)

King Salmon mount
Northern scene
rock fish mount
King Salmon Reproduction on Rock Scene
Northern Pike
Driftwood Rocks Scene
Bocaccio Rock Fish Reproduction
bluegills crappie pumpkinseeds
Bluegills on Driftwood Crappies with Driftwood Scene Perch Pair on Driftwood
bass crappie bluegill
Large Mouth Bass Rock Base Large Mouth Bass Driftwood Rocks Bluegill Reproduction
Musky Musky large mouth bass mounts
Musky Repaired Repainted Tiger Musky Repaired Repainted Large Mouth Bass Driftwood Scene
Musky Tiger musky Long nose gar fish mount
Musky Repaired Repainted Tiger Musky Repaired Repainted Long Nose Gar
goldfish pike pumpkinseeds
Goldfish on Driftwood Silver Blue Pike Pumpkinseeds on Driftwood Scene


Walleye and Perch on
Driftwood Scene
Reproduction Brook Trout on Freestanding Base
BlueGills bg n
Bluegill and Crayfish Scene
Bluegill Closeup
crappies crap lmbass
Crappies Crappie Close Up Large Mouth Bass
walleye walleye crappie base
Walleye Walleye Crappie on Table Base
Small Mouth Small Mouth Small Mouth
Small Mouth Bass Bluegills on Driftwood Scene Bluegill Close Up
Northern scene
Bluegills on Driftwood Scene
Northern and Perch on
Driftwood Scene
Perch Stringer
Small Mouth Small Mouth repro
Northern Crappie Walleye Reproduction 30"
smbass2 Small Mouth s-curve
Small Mouth Bass Group Walleye Walleye S-curve
crappies Crappie Smally
Crappies Crappie Small Mouth Bass
after after after
Lake Brown Trout Stream Brown Trout Repair and Repaint
after after after
Bluegill and Crappie Bluegill Trio Walleye
after after after
Northern with Lure Northern Smallmouth Bass
after after brown trout
Northern and Perch Scene Largemouth Bass on Driftwood Stream Brown Trout