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For more information about getting your antler mounted please call:
(920) 925-3382 or Cell (920) 342-0517

Antlers and skulls can be mounted on a variety of panels.
Solid oak and walnut are popular choices.
They can hang on the wall or can be a freestanding pedestal designed to sit on a table, shelf or mantle.
Photo holders and custom engraved brass plates are also available.
Felt colors available are brown, red and black.
These images show some of many available panel options. (Click any image to view it larger)

Antler Classic
Photo Holder
9 x 12 Classic Oak
8 x 10 Arrowhead Oak with Brass Plate
9 x 12 Fancy with
Photo Holder
Laser Engraved
Bear Skull Table
9 x 12 Oak with Year and Deer Laser Engraved
Wisconsin with Photo Holder and Brass Plate
Bear Skull on
Table Base
Bear Skull Table arrowhead Antler Group
Deer Skull on Rough Sawn Board 9 x 12 Arrowhead with
Photo Holder
Custom Made Oak Panel
with Brass Plate
Caribou rack Elk  Engraved Plate der feet gun rack
12 x 16 Oak 14 x 18 Oak with
Brass Plate
Deer Foot Gun Rack
skull brushfire brushfire
Deer Skull on Oak Plaque Skull on Brushfire Plaque Brushfire Plaque
Deer Skull on Oak Deer Skull with Photo Deer Skull with Photo
Deer Skull on Oak Plaque Deer Skull Panel with Photo Brushfire Arrowhead Plaque
skull skull elk
Deer Skull on Small 3-D Wall Panel Deer Skull on Large 3-D Wall Panel Laser Engraved Date Arrowhead
elk laser engraved laser engraved
Elk with Photo Holder Laser Engraved Deer with Year Oak Laser Engraved Deer with Year Walnut
iowa plaque Wi plaque bear skulls
Iowa Oval Form with Photo Holder Wisconsin Oval Form with Photo Holder Bear Skulls Cleaned and Whitened
skulls dipped seer skull elk skull
Deer Skulls Beetle Cleaned Deer Skull Dipped Camo Orange Elk European Mount Walnut Panel
Deer Skull on 3-D Wall Panel